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What is Amazon Prime Day? Before buying gifts.

amazon prime day
amazon prime day
  • Prime Day is a 48-hour shopping event.
  • It starts from July 15-16 every once a year.
  • There are always the best discount deals worth shopping.

Amazon Event

Prime Day is the shopping event held by Amazon which is a sales strategy of Amazon similar to Black Friday. It usually runs 48-hour from July 15-16. You can get a huge discount specially on Amazon devices. If you are a Prime member more services and the deal will be offered at exclusive prices.

It is available to every part of world like Spain, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, India, Germany, China, France, Italy etc.

This year, it was started at midnight PT on Monday, July 15, 2019 and ended on Tuesday, July 16 2019. It featured thousands of dollars of discounts like $100 on the Fire TV Recast(usually $229.99)

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