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Underrated Websites That You Should Know About

There are billions of websites over the internet. And in our sight and mind is only the popular ones. Does that mean the other prevailing websites aren’t worth checking out? Not at all!! They are just underrated yet fulfilling their purpose the best. The following are underrated websites that you should know about. They are very worthy of making your everyday internet experience cooler, swift, and not disappointing.

Best Underrated Websites That You Should Know About

Tip of my Tounge

There are times when you have a certain word on kind but you just cannot seem to utter it. Tip of the Tounge helps you with that situation. The vague image of that certain word might be clear at the “tip of my tongue”. The website works to help you find that word that’s just out of your fuzzy mind’s reach. Just insert some clues to the parameters on the left—letters the word starts with or contains, definitions it matches, and others—and the word matches appears instantly on the right. Reach out to Tip of my Tounge next time you’re stuck on a word.

tip of my tounge


outline.com is actually a lifesaver. Every time you open a certain article, content or anything there are a lot of ad distractions. And sometimes these ads pop up in the middle of the screen every few seconds. That’s frustrating and irritating. On outline.com, you are free from these disturbing ads and pop-ups. Simply, copy and paste any URL for an article and it will present it in a text form, you won’t see any unnecessary ads. Enjoy your studying piece peacefully. It is a very useful website that you should start using.


10 Minute Mail

Many internet actions and websites often keep asking you for your email to continue what you browse. Providing your real email address on every site that asks for it is very risky and your inbox gets filled with lots of unuseful mails. Avoid that with an instant 10minutemail address. 10 Minute Mail – is a free instant email address that gets self-destructed after ten minutes. You don’t need to use your own email to read a random website.

10 minute mail

PDF24 Tool

PDF24 assists you with anything related to pdf. The online tool is a proper solution for converting all types of files into PDFs. Not just that but it also offers PDF solutions for many PDF problems from editing PDF to merging, compressing, splitting, sorting and many more. The PDF24 team is small but passionate about PDF, which likes to develop solutions that help many people around the world with their PDF problems. PDF24 also has android and iOS app.

pdf24 tools


For those who are fond of photoshopping, Photopea is an online editor with most adobe Photoshop features. It’s perfect for those who don’t know or need super high Photoshop levels, it is probably the best one. Photopea is a great way to learn to photoshop and since it has both basic and advanced tools. In a nutshell, it is an excellent online alternative to traditional photoshop software.


My fridge food

Now, my fridge food has a lifesaver. This interesting website presents you with two options – a quick find and a detailed kitchen. Both of these pages have checkboxes for various food items. Tick the food items present in your kitchen and you get options what you can possibly make with the items you have along with recipes. What’s for dinner is never a concern with My fridge food.

my fridge food


So Pdfdrive is a website with a cool collection of free ebooks. And to access them, you don’t even have to register. On the website of Pdfdrive, there are 79112444 books available which are huge to search on. Just input the name of the book you are in search of and get it. And the perk of this website is it doesn’t annoy you with interruption of annoying ads. Download your required book from Pdfdrive and enjoy.



For the students or researchers, who are in search of reference research papers, it’s available at the core.ac.uk. It is also the world’s largest collection of open access research papers. More than two hundred million research papers are available here where you can get what you need undoubtedly. Also, you can download the research papers in any language you need. The website is fast, reliable and provides valuable text and good content.



Futureme is a website where you can post notes about the future. Over here, you are allowed to write to your future self privately or publicly. Thus, get goals of your life for the next five years, or write a letter to your future self, or predict what might happen in future and see it happening. That letter shall be delivered to you in your set timeframe. Here you can also read the future letters posted by others and pass your time. Through Futureme, talk to your future self.


And that makes a collection of some underrated websites, that many don’t know about. Share this article among your friends and recommend them your favourite useful website. Also, do you know about any other cool underrated website that we don’t know about? If so, mention it in the comments.

Useful Websites everyone should know about

Guerilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail has been offering safe anonymous email services for over 15 years, having been founded in 2006. The system is said to have processed over 13 billion emails, which speaks much about the platform’s quality and reliability. It allows you to create a random inbox address and receive messages that you wouldn’t normally receive in your regular inbox. The platform is simple and straightforward to use, and all messages are immediately removed after an hour. Finally, if you’re searching for a simple temporary email account that’s completely anonymous, you can’t go wrong with Guerrilla Mail.


Open Culture is essentially a fantastic collection of outstanding materials for personal and professional development. Audiobooks, Online courses, Movies, Language lessons, e-Books, and Textbooks are the six primary divisions. It’s hard to believe it’s free, given the high quality and utility of the resources. It’s easy to use and includes links to other online resources and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, which can help students share intriguing content. They can also obtain podcasts/MP3 files on topics of interest by subscribing to RSS feeds.


If you’re bored of using Photoshop for simple picture modification, this little application will come in a lot handy to you. Remove. bg is a tool that can remove the background of an image in seconds, with no lassoing or other editing hassles. Remove.bg instantly separates the subject from the backdrop, leaving your image clean and ready for anything you want to do with it. An hour-long of photoshop effort is instantly minimized to minutes with removebg.

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