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Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3

The checkra1n dev team released the first iOS 13 jailbreaks by the same name! In this article, we’re going to share some of the best iOS 13 Cydia tweaks with you. All of the jailbreak tweaks have been confirmed to work on iOS 13.0 – iOS 13.3. But to reiterate, these are the top 20 best Cydia tweaks to install right now!

Top FREE iOS 13 Jailbreak Tweaks form Checkra1

Liberty Lite


Jailbreak for ios 13

Jailbreak detection was an issue with iOS 10 and continues to plague iOS 11 firmware as well. Here’s a new tweak called Liberty Lite that lets you bypass detection mechanisms on a lot of App Store apps and games. Liberty Lite is a general-purpose jailbreak detection bypass for iOS 11/12 firmware. It is developed by a famed patch developer, Ryley Angus.



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 1

It is a very important tweak for jailbroken devices. This tweak enables us to import the tweaks repo in batch mode i.e. you can add the list of the repo at once. Flame offers many great features such as

Export: Export the list of repo and tweaks

Batch Add: Add multiple sources at once 

Auto Finish: Automatically respring, reboot or return to Cydia and much more

Little 11


Jailbreak for ios 13

Several features of iOS are unique to iPhone X-style devices, and if you’re using anything older, then you’d be out of luck without a jailbreak. Fortunately, a new jailbreak tweak called Little11 ports many of those features over to jailbroken handsets, such as the Home Bar, updated Status Bar, updated Dock, and more. 


    • iPhone X home and multitasking gestures.
    • iPhone X and iPad Status Bar styles
    • Home Bar
    • Battery Percentage in Battery Icon
    • Hide the Status Bar in the Control Center
    • iPhone X Keyboard
    • Lockscreen Shortcuts
    • Rounded Corners, Dock and Switcher
    • Face ID Animations
    • Reduce rows on the home screen
    • Bottom Inset
    • Control Center Grabber
    • Picture in Picture
    • iPhone 11 Camera UI


Repo: BigBoss

Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 2

If you love to change the stock theme of the iPhone then this tweak comes handy. A cylinder is one of the very popular tweaks in the jailbreak community. Currently, there are 57 icon effects. Compatible with iOS 4 to 13 (and A12 devices) and CarPlay. The awesome thing about Cylinder is that it allows users to create their animations via special Lua scripts, and combine multiple animations by layering them on top of one another. Inside of Cylinder’s preferences, you’ll find a kill-switch, a randomization toggle, and two sections for effects and formulas.



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 3

The battery indicator is perhaps one of the most mattering icons in the Status Bar, so why not give it a fun and quirky splash of color? This tweak colored the battery based on the battery level. ColorMyBattery will color the battery on your preferences for the desired battery percentage level. You can also configure options from the settings and change the color of the low battery level. 


  • Toggle the tweak on or off
  • Hide the battery percentage from the icon
  • Choose a different color for every tenth battery percentage increment



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 4

If you’ve ever been heavily-invested in theming your jailbroken handset before, then the credit goes to WinterBoard. Unfortunately, WinterBoard hasn’t seen much T.L.C. in recent years, and there are no signs that it will any time soon. SnowBoard is a new theming platform that picks up where WinterBoard left off. SnowBoard is a brand-new and lightweight successor to the renowned WinterBoard theming platform by SparkDev and Dennis D. Bednarz.


  • Toggle SnowBoard on or off on demand
  • Choose a theme you want to use
    • Just drag from the “Disabled” to the “Enabled” section
  • Customize your Home screen icon attributes
    • Configure custom app icon corner radius
    • Configure custom app icon scale
    • Hide app icon labels
  • Replace an app icon with alternative app icons
  • Replace an app icon with another existing app icon
  • Replace an app icon with an image from your Camera Roll



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 5

Hate the annoying Siri window that covers up the entire screen? This tweak reduces that window to the size of a notification banner at the top of your screen, allowing you to use your phone for other things. SmallSiri is the one most popular tweak which is must be implemented by apple in a smartphone.



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 6

This tweak makes your ControlCenter cool! Adds borderline & Removes background of ControlCenter Modules. Configure options from Settings. You can change the color of the borderline of your ControlCenter.



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 7

Xen HTML is a free iOS jailbreak tweak allowing you to totally change the look of your devices Lockscreen and Homescreen. Install from Cydia repo HTML and JavaScript widgets that can be drag and drop on selected screen in the app Settings. Xen HTML is compatible with iOS 9.0 – 13. Xen HTML allows for displaying widgets on both the iOS Lockscreen and Homescreen. The tweak supports HTML and JavaScript widgets from all other related tweaks including LockHTML, iWidgets, and Cydget. Install Xen HTML from official Cydia Sources. You can find many lock screen, weather, music, home screen, fonts widgets, and themes.

Widget Link



Top 10 iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.2.3, 13.3 8

If you look for the preferences for an installed tweak in the settings app or want to change something for an app you have to scroll long. After the installation of the free tweak shuffle, you find three new tabs in the settings: Tweaks, Apps and System Apps. The tweak is still in beta and a lot more features are planned according to the dev.


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