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Tiktok photo editing trend

What’s up, photo bloggers? We’re here to talk about something that might be of interest. A few months ago on TikTok there was a trend where people would suggest different edits for your photos and it really depends what kind you like but either way they are all super cool! This article will tell us more so stay tuned because we promise this isn’t just any old regular post.

A few quick steps to make your TikTok photos pop! To achieve this effect, you need natural light on your face (try not harsh). Once clicked and delighted with how it turned out in the end follow these simple yet effective tips which will enhance any photo for maximum impact.

  • Exposure to +100
  • Brilliance to +100
  • Highlights to -32
  • Shadows to -26
  • Contrast to -30
  • Brightness to -15
  • Black point to +10
  • Saturation to +10
  • Vibrance to +8
  • Warmth to +10
  • Tint to +29
  • Sharpness to +14
  • Definition to +23
  • Exposure to 0

Well! This is a cool hack to use on TikTok. Just adjust your settings so that when you take pictures, they are edited with less light and more contrast in order for it look like someone painted them or something similar- Looking forward to trying this out 🙂

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