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Sony Noise Cancelling Earbuds WF-SP800N

Truly wireless earbuds for sports

Sony is making great products. This 2020 Sony has introduced the brand-new Sony WF-SP800N noise-canceling​ earbuds for the fitness crowd. They have designed these earbuds for an active lifestyle so when the going gets tough, they won’t let you down.

sony WF-SP800N

Sony’s Truly Noise Canceling Earbuds WF-SP800N for Sports

These are the fifth addition to Sony’s true Wireless earbuds lineup. It’s a direct successor to the Sony WF-SP700N that came in 2018 and has brought some notable upgrades.

The Sony WF-SP800N earbuds are designed for sports lovers and a perfect companion for your workouts and runs. These earbuds came with a combination of long battery life, resistance to water and sweat, and deep bass sound with digital noise canceling. With an IP55 rating, sweet and dust won’t be able to stop these earbuds and your workouts. Designed as a secure fit with the soft-cushioned arc supporter and three-dimensional curved design ensure a secure, comfortable fit. It has stable, reliable Bluetooth connectivity which transmits sound to left and right ears simultaneously, coupled with an optimized antenna.

Sony Earbuds

This 2020 you can boost your beats with sony. It is upgraded with an extra bass that delivers powerful, punchy low-end sound, giving you the drive to keep going. When you need that special playlist to take your workout to the next level there will be no distractions with digital noise cancellation, so it’s just you and the beat. You can stay aware with  Ambient Sound Mode. Mixing the music you love with the sounds of your environment, and still hear your workout buddy or stay aware when running outside.

Sony Noise Cancelling Earbuds WF-SP800N

The Sony WF-SP800N earbuds have long battery life. It offers 9 hours of power, while the handy charging case provides an extra 9 hours at full charge. The charging case lets you enjoy up to 18 hours of music playback with noise-canceling switched on and up to 26 hours without. Quick charging is also available. It is portable, protected and with all the power you need.


It has a feature of Adaptive Sound Control that automatically adjusts to whatever you do and where you are. You can use the intuitive touch control settings to play, stop, or skip through tracks and adjust the volume. Placing your finger over the earbud turns the volume right down and lets in ambient sound. You can instantly chat with someone without removing your headphones. It delivers clearer voice quality for hands-free calling. The Sony | Earbuds Connect app lets you assign alternative options.


The WF-SP800N earbuds cost $199.99 and are now available to order. You can choose earbuds and carrying case of colors to suit your style.



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