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PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 With New Map Livik

Releasing on July 7 Pubg Update 0.19.0 - With Livik Map

PUBG Mobile has announced the launch date for the new Livik Map. Livik is going to be the first map specifically for the mobile game as all other maps are taken from the PUBG for PC games. The upcoming PUBG mobile update features a new Livik map which is small and will support a maximum of 40 players at a time and also the match time will be only 15 minutes long. The idea behind introducing the Livik map was to create a space where matches could be played quickly. The map had been created keeping in mind that players can enjoy a quick match whenever they have the time. Livik map will offer lots of points of interest, including a volcano, hot spring, and waterfall, among others.

pubg mobile update 0.19.0

The new update arrives soon and will bring in new content for Season 14. The new PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 for PUBG Mobile will arrive before Season 14 kicks off. It will be unveiled along with an update of 0.19.0 on 7 July.

The new update will bring five-vs-five Armory Arena mode, in which players will rotate between 18 different weapons each time they obtain a kill. The update will also let users toggle on and off the camera rotation while focusing on their target.

With the update of map Livik, two new weapons will be coming in with it. The guns are the P90 submachine gun and the MK12 burst sniper rifle.

This PUBG Mobile Update 0.19.0 will also bring in the ability to enable or disable camera rotation while aiming down the sights.

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