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Android 11: The Key features

What are they?

Google had launched the final build of Android 11 on September 8, 2020. It was initially available to pixel phones. After being announced in February, and having a beta rolled out in June, by October 5, the first update to Android version 11 has also rolled out. Vivo V20 became the first phone to be released with the new Android OS.

While the popularity of Android 10 was a big shift for the operating system, Android 11 also follows its Predecessor. So with android 11, what has google sent for us? Let’s find out in brief.

New Android OS: Android 11

The final version of the Android 11 software has begun rolling out, though it’s not on all phones right now. And the update will gradually be available to the phones of other companies too that are compatible with the update. Thus, sooner or later we all will get to experience the new Android OS.

Android 11

Although Pixel phones were the first to experience the fresh Android OS, handsets from other select manufacturers were also treated to Android 11 in some form. To give a few examples, Samsung is marketing its Android version 11 update as One UI 3.0. It’s currently in a limited beta, and we expect the final build to be available by the end of 2020. OxygenOS 11, is the Android 11 update for OnePlus phones. ColorOS is the custom Android interface used on OPPO smartphones and ColorOS 11 is rolling out now to OPPO devices which offers a lot of key improvements.

Android 11 sets the tagline as the OS that gets to what’s important. Also, it seems to be gaining positive reviews by those who experienced it, the rest of the people seem expectant about the updated software. Thus, here are the key features Google has confirmed in Android 11.

Conversations And Sharing

This time in Android 11, when you swipe down the notification bar, get ready to see the split between the notification section and conversation section. Now, the chat notifications from any of your chat apps will appear in the conversation section whereas the rest of the notifications show in the notifications section.

With bubbles, chat while multitasking. Bubbles keep the conversation going—while you stay focused on whatever else you’re doing. Also, in Android 11, you can pin the message in bubbles to prioritize the chat. You might have experienced it with Facebook messenger. That’s extended with Android 11. Thus new OS allows messages from more apps to appear as bubbles, and you can pin them there too so the chat is always easily-accessible.

Android 11

The Pixel users get an advantage while replying to the messages. Replies are intelligently suggested based on what’s been said in the conversation. And that could make the replying much quicker at times. While with Gboard, the auto-fill feature helps fill in forms with the relevant information you use most. Passwords or your home address can stand as an example.

The new ‘Nearby Share’ mode lets you easily send information and data to nearby devices like your tablet, Chromebook or computer running with Chrome. It’s easier to send a document from your phone to your PC now. And with Pixel devices, you can easily copy, save and share info between many apps.

Content Capture

That’s a very handy feature rolled out in Android 11. The built-in screen recorder with android 11 lets you record the activity within your screen. That’s a storage-saving option by Android 11, so you don’t let an extra app consume your space. What’s delightful is that even sound from your mic or your device or both can also be recorded. This indeed is a great feature.

Predictive Tools

Smart reply already mentioned above, helps you suggest replies on what’s being said in the conversation. Definitely time saver during busy hours. This android 11 feature analyzes your routines and habits and might help reduce the work you need to do on your phone.

Android 11

Being specific, smart folders automatically sort your apps into folders of similar apps, like games. So next time you need a game app just go to the games folder instead of looking all over the apps. Another prediction is that your phone now makes app suggestions based on your daily routines. These apps automatically pop up on the bottom row of your home screen as per your routine so it’s easily accessible.


Voice Access is faster and easier to use with Android 11. It can be accessed even when offline which is nice support. Android 11 made it more accessible for letting people stay connected regardless of disability.

The cooler feature with the new Android OS is that the braille keyboard let’s write braille messages and lookout app let’s scan documents and food labels, so people with limited vision can still ‘read’ documents and see what’s in their food. Android 11 gets good credit for being so thoughtful with such accessibility features.

Smart Home and Media Controls

The number of people using smart home devices these days are growing and growing. And Android 11’s update lets the user control and manage all the connected devices with just your phone. Just long-press the power button and see and control your IoC devices. Set the temperature to chill, dim your lights and anything from a single spot.

Android 11

The bedtime mode turns on the Do Not Disturb feature. And your screen switches to grayscale and your notifications go silent. That can be scheduled to run automatically during your rest hours. Also, the Media control features let you switch media activities between the devices connected to your phone, like Bluetooth speakers or other gadgets. And what’s convincing is that it happens without interruption.

With Android Auto, it now works wirelessly with devices running Android 11. And if your headphones or hearing aids are connected to your phone via Bluetooth, even though you turn the airplane mode on, they’ll still remain connected.

Privacy and Security

Android 11 update has done some work with app permission. Give one-time permissions to apps that need your mic, camera or location. The next time the app needs access, it must ask for permission again. And if you haven’t used an app for quite a time, your phone will automatically revoke permissions for such apps to avoid it from accessing your data.

Android 11: The Key features 2

Also, if a user denies app permission multiple times, the app will be blocked from requesting the permission again. With Android 11, you get even more security and privacy fixes sent to your phone, right from Google Play. So your device stays armed with the most recent defence.


If you’re using a 5G phone, Android 11 updated apps will recognize this more easily, and run faster as a result. The hinge angle sensor support helps the apps on foldable phones to support all kinds of foldable configurations in a better manner.

Android 11: The Key features 3

And the very favoured picture-in-picture mode is adjustable by the user. That can be set to the size of the window as you require according to the other task you are doing on your phone. Also, the notifications history is also accessible in your settings in case you missed any important notification. The dark mode feature can also be scheduled so that it automatically goes back to standard mode as you require.

With such features brought by Android 11, the OS has been updated. What’s your view about this fresh Android version? Have you experienced the changes? Also, what updates do you expect in the recently announced Android 12? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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