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NASA is opening the space station to tourists

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NASA rolled out a unique on June 8 which shocked the public. They are willing to open the doors of International Space Station (ISS) to commercial companies, facilities, and even private astronauts.

NASNASA already permits some commercial activity on the ISS. Offerings to companies so that “innovation and ingenuity can accelerate a thriving commercial economy in low-Earth orbit.” 

NASA says it will allow private astronauts to stay up to 30 days each on the space station. This new approach might help NASA to solve several longstanding problems with its roughly $100 billion investment in the sky.


The conditions:

    • They can go via a commercial US spacecraft only, such as SpaceX’s or Boeing’s upcoming vehicles.
    • They have to pay $35,000 per day to cover for NASA’s life support, communications, and other expenses (like $50 per gigabyte of data).




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