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Most Popular and Followed TikTok Stars in 2023 | Most followed Tiktokers

who is the most famous tiktoker

TikTok continues its reign as one of the most popular social media apps with around 1.1 billion active users. TikTok is an emerging video-sharing social networking app where everybody wants to be famous in TikTok with this popularity. Fame is not achieved overnight on TikTok. TikTokers have to search for good content, they have to do hard work then they get followers.

Here are the most popular and followed TikTok Stars who have gained popularity from TikTok with their hard work.

1. Charli D’Amelio


Charli Grace D’Amelio is an American social media personality and dancer. She was born on May 1, 2004, in Norwalk, Connecticut. She has been a competitive dancer for over 10 years. Not only is she a dancer but also a Tiktok star was the second-highest earning Tik Tok personality in 2019 according to Forbes. She started to post her videos on Tik Tok in 2019 where she began posting dance videos to trending songs on the platform. She is the first person to earn both 50 million and 100 million followers on TikTok. As of the time of writing she has above 116M followers.

@charlidamelioback with my best friend @gemmah_ ##chemma♬ original sound – megan and sophie??

2. Addison Rae


Addison Rae Easterling is an American social media personality, dancer and singer. She was born on October 6, 2000, in Lafayette, Louisiana. She first joined TikTok in July 2019, uploading dance videos to trending songs. After actively posting content on TikTok, where her dancing videos rose to fame. She has above 80M followers. She released her debut single, “Obsessed” in March 2021.

@addisonreCHEESE♬ original sound – ?

3. Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch is a Filipino-American social media personality and singer. She was born on February 8, 1997, Philippines. She started actively posting content on TikTok in April 2020. She has created the most liked video on TikTok with the most likes (49.3 million) for 258 days, in which she lip-syncs to the song “Soph Aspin Send” by British rapper Millie B. After her TikTok success, she launched a YouTube channel and Twitter page in the months after she joined TikTok. In May 2021, she released her debut single “Build a Bitch”. She now has more than 70M followers.

@bellapoarchWhat’s your favorite breakfast? ??♬ Build a B*tch – Bella Poarch

4. Zach King

Zach King is an American internet personality, filmmaker, and illusionist based in Los Angeles born February 4, 1990, in Portland, Oregon. King posted his first video to TikTok in 2016. He also posted the most viewed TikTok on December 9, 2019. The video received an estimate of 2 billion views. He now has 60M followers on TikTok.

@zachkingPlaying fetch with my best friend ##WeirdPets ##dog ##magical♬ original sound – Zach King

5. Khabane Lame

Khabane Lame is a Senegalese-Italian social media personality. He was born on March 9, 2000. Lame began posting on TikTok in March 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdowns, making comic videos on any theme. He gained popularity in April 2021, when his videos in which he makes fun of some bizarre solutions to everyday problems went viral. He subsequently became one of the most-followed creators on the platform, as well as becoming the most-followed in Italy.

@khaby.lameSummer is coming ??L’estate sta arrivando ??##learnfromkhaby ##LearnWithTikTok ##ImparaConTikTok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

6. Lisa and Lena

Lisa and Lena Mantler, are identical twins from Stuttgart, Germany born on 17 June 2002. Lisa and Lena started making videos on December 10, 2015, on the app On March 31, 2019, they deleted their page. They had over 32.7 million followers. They rejoined TikTok on May 7, 2020, with the same username @lisaandlena. They make short videos, especially of lip-syncing, on TikTok. As of 2021, Lisa and Lena have over 13M followers on their new TikTok account.

@lisaandlenaAlways remember: YOU LOOK GOOD WITH AND WITHOUT MAKE UP!!✨♬ original sound – Sad_audios

7. Spencer Polanco Knight

Spencer Polanco Knight was born on April 20, 1992, in Manhattan, New York, USA. He is known for his music with original sounds, produced tracks and comedic sketches. Spencer rose to fame on YouTube and TikTok, where he is known for his fast-paced and smooth beatboxing and music tracks. Spencer has collaborated with a number of famous artists, including Alicia Keys and Sean Kingston. Spencer X has more than 53M followers on Tik Tok as of now.

@spencerxFast Invisalign beatbox ???♬ original sound – Spencer X

8. Loren Gray

Loren Gray Beech is an American model, singer, and social media personality from Pottstown, Pennsylvania born on April 19, 2002. She had been the most-followed TikTok individual from March 31, 2019, to March 25, 2020. She is one of the most followed TikTok stars with more than 52M followers.

@lorengrayi look like ET i know idk why he’s still here♬ my insta is dairy.quinn – Quinn

9. Dixie D’Amelio

Dixie Jane D’Amelio known by her stage name Dixie is an American social media personality and singer. She was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on August 12, 2001. She is one of the most-followed individuals on TikTok. She has 52.4M followers to date. On June 26, 2020, D’Amelio released her first single, “Be Happy” and in December 2020, D’Amelio released her second single, “One Whole Day” with Wiz Khalifa.

@dixiedamelio? ?♬ original sound – alyssa

10. Michael Le

Michael Le, known as JustMaiko is an American dancer, choreographer and social media personality. He was born on March 19, 2000, in West Palm Beach, Florida. He is best known for his dancing videos and dancing tutorials on TikTok, where he posts multiple times a day. He first started dancing at 12 years old and shortly after started making dance videos. In 2016 when he started posting videos on where he posts dancing videos, lip sync videos and dancing tutorials. As of 2021, he has above 48M followers on TikTok.

@justmaikoi was just doing the trend… idk why he was trippin out?♬ Batman – LPB Poody

So who is your faviroute TikTokers? mention your favourite TikTok star in the comment box.

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