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iOS 15 Features You Need to Know

The brand new iOS, iOS 15 is now available and its features are absolutely amazing. Apple has been mesmerising its users with every new update and upgrades it makes to its OS. Apple brings an annual update to its iOS. And this time with iOS 15, Apple has introduced the following features making the Apple product exploration experience even more rich and favourable.

Is iOS 15 compatible with your iPhone?

iOS 15 is compatible with every iPhone from 2015’s iPhone 6S to 2021’s iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple had introduced iOS 15 in June 2021 along with the iPad OS.

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iOS 15 Features


iOS 15 features
  • Notifications have been completely redesigned.
  • iOS 15 has a built-in notification Management System.
  • You can schedule the notifications and choose to receive the important notifications at first.
  • Settings>>Notifications>>Scheduled summary>>Toggle on, allows you to schedule your notifications on your iOS.


iOS 15 features
  • Focus feature can filter notifications and apps based on what a user wishes to focus on at a certain time.
  • iOS will suggest a Focus for different occasions, such as work hours or winding down for bed, using on-device intelligence, but users can also create a custom Focus.
  • Focus set on one Apple device automatically applies the focus mode to other Apple devices as well.


iOS 15 features
  • Apple has finally expanded FaceTime to include Android and Windows owners.
  • A faceTime link can be shared via a link to Windows and Android and the recipient can follow the link to join the FaceTime in iOS.
  • Open Facetime>>Create Link>>open Share Sheet allows you to share the FaceTime link via adding contact name or through messages.
  • On iOS 15, voice isolation and Spatial Audio features are also added to enhance the video call experience.
  • FaceTime also supports Portrait mode and offers a new grid view to see more faces at the same time.
  • Through SharePlay, users can share media together in sync during a FaceTime call.

Text Recognition in Images

iOS 15 features
  • The popular google lens feature to identify text in photos has been incorporated to iOS too now.
  • The feature is called Live Text.
  • Use it before taking a photo in the viewfinder by tapping on the Live Text button that shows up.
  • Or you can go into the Photos app, open any picture in your library, you should be able to highlight any text, including items like phone numbers, email addresses or street addresses, and then share, call or use that information however you want.


iOS 15 features
  • Safari has been completely redesigned.
  • It might look more similar to the interface on macOS or your iPad on the new tab page
  • Controls are brought to the bottom of the safari screen making them easier to reach with one hand.
  • You can swipe through tabs easily and group them together.
  • Also, Safari extensions are coming to iOS which are available through the Apple store.

These are some of the impressive iOS 15 features Apple has brought this time. What features have you liked the most? Also, what new feature might Apple bring in future iOS 16? Share through comments.

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