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Instagram tips to get more followers – Instagram tips and tricks

Tips to grow your real audience

The best way to present your Instagram feed is to know the best Instagram tips and tricks or the Instagram story tricks or the Instagram post tricks.

Every time I log into my Instagram, it always feels splendid. It is a great space to discover, share, and influence. And with the growing community over the social media platform, you also might be willing to mark your presence there. It’s really nice and productive to share your experiences, your brands and products or just your humour with the audience in the form of your posts. And trust me, it really helps you grow.instagram tips to get more followers

As of Today, it’s really competitive to stand out in the crowd. It is a creative platform. What and how you create matters the most. Also, you need the right kind of content to connect with your followers. Thus, these Instagram tips to get more followers can come in handy for you to level up in presenting yourself on the platform.

Instagram Basics: Optimize your Profile

When people visit your profile, what are they likely to see? Your profile picture, of course, your bio, your interests and then your feed. Thus, it’s important how you present your profile. The key is, if your profile is about your brand it’s best to use the brand logo. Or else use a picture that portrays who you are. So that the audience recognizes that it’s you. So if you want to get more Instagram followers, your bio is important.

Your profile is your statement to tell your audiences why they should be following you. Hence, make it simple yet clear and strong for the first great impression. Tell why your feed is interesting or share them about your niches. Make it specific. Don’t force your audience to follow you, convince them that you’re worth following. And you can also add your contact info to tell people where to find you. Connecting with your audience is important too.

Instagram Story Tricks

Instagram Stories let you connect more with your audiences. Keeping them helpful, funny, personal, and/or informative is a great aid. Hence, try out these Instagram Story Tricks.

  • Show your face on the first story of the day.
  • A great way to increase engagement is to ask a smart/funny/easy/thoughtful/opinion question!
  • Keep your font/style consistent and stick to it.
  • Try using the same form of filters to create a uniform look.
  • Post the stories that you’d like to see.
  • There are plenty of stickers. Use them for interesting storytelling.
  • Also, keep your highlights organized and neat.

instagram story tricksHere are the best Instagram Sticker recommendations;

  • The Uncommon Place
  • Vipapier
  • Lidiaontheroad
  • Queenbemonyei
  • Gladdest
  • Latifundija
  • Wildflowerbar
  • Theclosetlover

Instagram Post Tricks

Create Visually Compelling Contents

Being a visual medium, Instagram requires you to add simply great-looking content. You don’t necessarily need professional-like captures but make sure your photos and videos are well-composed. And for compelling posts, let your picture tell a story.

  • Add behind the scene posts. Let your audience have a peek at your workspace or the creation process of your videos and like.
  • Add videos too. You can post 60-second post videos or much longer on IGTV.
  • Also, add goalposts to simply inspire your audiences to achieve their goals too.

Picture Instagram Posts

  • Since Instagram pictures appear vertical and do not rotate, add vertical photos at maximum height (4×5). It’s proven that people prefer such posts as they cover most of the space of their Instagram screen.
  • If you are into editing your pictures, use a reliable editing source. Adobe Lightroom, Google Snapseed, PicsArt, Canva are some really great options.
  • Find a uniform editing style and stick to it.
  • And don’t hide your face. It helps your audience to connect with you. Also, faces help build trust, friendship, and turn out to be a great photo.
  • You can be great at posing. But candid photos turn out to be more interesting.
  • Learn to take a great photo. Aesthetically pleasing. And for inspiration, see what kind of pictures your favourite Instagrammer takes.

Instagram post captions: captions tell a lot

A great post comes with a great caption. As your picture tells a story the caption elaborates the story in depth. The first two lines viewers see should be something that they want to tap to see more… But don’t keep it lengthy and boring. Up to 138–150 characters are ideal for Instagram post captions.

Keep your Feed Clean

It refers to posting the constant kind of posts. If you are into using borders apply them in a neat manner. Or don’t use borders. They take away from letting you post covering most of the screen. An untidy feed is a turn-off no matter how interesting your content might be.

Other Tricks for Instagram

  • Other Instagram post tricks can be adding a location. When you visit a great place, tag your location.
  • Using the right Hashtags is important. They help you get discovered by people who don’t follow you. Thus, use hashtags wisely.
  • Doing the follow/unfollow method doesn’t gain you, loyal followers. You might just have an audience who won’t engage with your content.
  • Engage with the audience. Try replying to every comment and build a friendship with your people.
  • Follow the accounts that inspire you.
  • And the most important Instagram tip and trick is being yourself. Don’t lose your ground.

So these are the Instagram tricks and tips to get more Instagram followers, that I tried to grow myself on Instagram. And they have helped me a lot. You can try them out and see the results yourself. If you have any more ideas for Instagram, feel free to share through the comments. 

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