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How to send webpages to phone or any devices

Its the only one native support from chrome to send pages across devices

You might be using the Google Chrome app on your desktop or any mobile devices to search and browse. But while surfing on desktop google chrome you may have to go somewhere and transfer it over the smartphone. Before Chrome update 77 there was a hassle method to do this but now it is very straightforward. Isn’t it good?👊

Let me explain. This cool feature is called “Send tab to Self”. This feature lets you quickly send pages between your google chrome devices whether it’s mobile or desktop or laptop.

It is one of the quickest methods. Why?

Before the update, you have to use these methods to view your pages on other devices.

  • Using recent pages
  • Using bookmarks

If you hadn’t tried them at all, it’s ok.

How to do?

1. From desktop to mobile devices

  • Find the URL address bar and there will be an icon “Send this page” appeared next to it
  • Click it and a list of linked devices will appear and select one to send the webpage.🙀

2. From mobile devices to desktop

  • Click share icon next to the URL address bar
  • pop of box will appear and click on “Send To Your Devices”


Now you have saved your time from 1 minute to 30 seconds. Congratulations 🥳 I hope you liked this blog post. Please share this with all your friends. Happy readings.🥳


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