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How To Send Gift Message on Messenger?

Available only on messenger app on iOS and Android.

How well are you active on Facebook? If you really use it each day, you might have discovered those creative and fun features. They make your social media interaction really funny and exciting. Facebook’s messenger is no less when it comes to giving users cool features. Be it cute emojis, gifs, stickers or anything; they make our conversations not boring and sweetly expressive. And the new gift message effect helps you add more cheer to your text.

gift message on messenger

If you aren’t able to send your friends and loved ones actual gifts and cards due to pandemic reasons, reach out to this effect. The effect wraps any message you type in pretty wrapping paper with a bow. And how sweet and fun that is.

How to send gift message on Messenger?

To get this gift effect, all you need to do is to open the Facebook Messenger app from your iPhone or Android device. And then, follow the following steps:

  1. Select the person receiving the message and open the chatbox.
  2. Then type your message first.
  3. Now, tap on the search icon near the send option.
  4. Select the effects option and then tap on any effect you like.
  5. As soon as you tap on the present effect, your gift message will be sent.

Isn’t that really easy! And the recipient won’t be able to see the message unless they tap on that gift box. Hence, send your friends and loved ones a gift message and surprise them with your sweet texts.

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