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How to Play Call Of Duty Mobile using VPN

Call of Duty Mobile Games is a large-scale multiplayer online first-person shooter mobile game. This game has the highest quality visual effects so the graphics of this game will be better than other versions. This game has restored the classic game map and character of Call of Duty game. It adapts and optimizes the operating characteristics of the mobile phone so that players can better immerse themselves in the refreshing shooting experience.

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Minimum Requirement to Play Call of Duty Mobile

  • Android: the minimum requirement will be Sat least Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506, and 3 GB of RAM. In this configuration, the game can run in the average setting at 30 FPS. For best results, just have a more current chipset.
  • iOS: the minimum requirement will be an iPhone 6. It is worth remembering that in this device, the game will run with graphics at least and below 30 FPS. For best results (60fps) you need to have at least iPhone 7 or higher.

Note: Call of Duty Mobile will take around 1.1 GB of data to download and after installed it will go to 2.6 GB.

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How To Download

Since the beta version has been released to some player Call of Duty mobile has been the center of attraction for gamers. If you want to be the part of early access to this game then you should go and register for the early access in play store. Call Of Duty Mobile was Pre-Register in Google Play Store. (North, South America, Europe)

If you can’t wait for such a long time then there is a way to play the early access of Call Of Duty mobile. The game can find the 3rd party app store (Tap-Tap). Tap Tap is one of the popular 3rd party app stores, there are many versions of Tap Tap stores. To download the game file download the Tap Tap of Taiwan version.

Download File from

How To Play

After downloading the file from Tap Tap you should download one extra app to run the app on your mobile. Since this game is not released for the public yet. You should use a VPN to play the game, Express VPN is the only VPN app which currently working. VPN must be set to India region, you can get free access to the India region only for 7 days.

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