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How to Get Virtual Visa Card in Nepal | IME Pay Virtual Visa Card

IME Pay shares that the company is focusing to penetrate the eCommerce market in the first phase. Recently IME Pay has launched a Virtual Visa Card feature which allows you to do the payment without using the physical card. This card allows you to make quick payments for the purchase of goods and services without the use of physical cards and removes the hassle of carrying physical cards everywhere.

What is a Virtual Visa Card?

IME Pay Virtual Visa Card

A digital Visa card is a set of card numbers that are randomly generated. The numbers symbolize your Visa card or financial institution account, however, thieves can’t use the numbers to get your statistics or your money. Virtual Visa playing cards are extra tightly closed than the usage of ordinary debit and savings cards, mainly many agencies use them as a phase of their charge processes. Of the 4 most important sorts of credit score cards, Visa playing cards are the most popular. Visas are famous due to the fact they are nearly universally accepted, and ATMs are tailored to be used with Visa cards.

IME Pay is the first digital wallet in Nepal to provide virtual Visa cards to its customers. The customers of IME Pay digital pockets can get the Virtual Visa Card via an easy manner barring any charge. Follow this method to get one:

How to Get a Virtual Visa Card?

First and foremost, you should download the IME Pay digital wallet on your device. Then, you must be a KYC (Know Your Customer) verified user because virtual visa cards are not issued to non-verified users.

Step 1: Install and Log in to your IME Pay wallet account
IME Pay Virtual Visa Card
Step 2: Open the IME Pay app and you will get two options: Wallet and Card on the top. Choose the ‘CARD’ option.
IME Pay Virtual Visa Card
Step 3: Click on the ‘Apply Virtual Visa Card’ button. Once you have clicked the button, you will need to enter your 4 digit PIN code to move forward.
IME Pay Virtual Visa Card
Step 4: Then you will get your virtual card on the IME PAY app. And to get the details of your card, you just need to tap on the card and enter your PIN code.
IME Pay Virtual Visa Card
Tips: By clicking on the ‘Manage’ button you can also check the transaction limits and lock the card as well.

Where can you use Virtual Visa Card?

IME Pay Virtual Visa Card

As per the rule of Nepal Rastra Bank, one can make worldwide repayments solely via a pay as you go greenback card issued from a bank. Hence, this digital card is built-in with Visa which approves transactions internal u.s.a. in Nepalese foreign money (NPR). Besides that, it helps repayments like shopping for online presents, playing cards and buying items from Amazon. It is a carrier comparable to that of a bodily debit/credit card. However, one does not now require to stroll into the financial institution to get this card. You can without problems experience the carrier like that of debit/credit playing cards to make repayments online.

We hope IME Pay can take this first-mover advantage of introducing virtual visa cards through a digital wallet in Nepal, enabling Nepalese towards enjoying the process of making Nepal a digital economy.
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