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How to Get Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Nepal doesn’t have an online payment system that is accepted all around the world like MasterCard but don’t worry there is a way to get MasterCard in Nepal and it is really simple. In this post, I’ll show you the steps on How to get MasterCard in Nepal. 

Sign Up to Payoneer

First Sign up to Payoneer (use the Link and get 25$ Free)

Payoneer is an online payment site that will provide us with the MasterCard and also the place where all our transactions and money will be managed. Payoneer Prepaid Master Card is the best payout solution for online workers. Payoneer offers us a better way to receive and access our money. Some of the benefits of Payoneer Prepaid Master Card are as following

  • Accepted in 210 countries, worldwide,
  • No bank account required,
  • Use it in stores, online, or at the local ATM near you,
  • Strict security rules and regulations imposed by Payoneer and MasterCard mean money stays safe and secure,
  • Payments can be delivered within 2 hours and many more.

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

While adding the Bank information make sure it is correct and set the currency to USD. Add your Bank details as mentioned by the Bank. Contact your bank for details such as SWIFT Code.

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Then click the Signup button and start to sign up process,  with three-step they are first Personal Details where you give detailed information about yourself, Second: Give your Account Information and finally third: Personal Verification i.e valid your account by your nationality or other required document and correct your email address, etc.

Ordering your MasterCard

Depending on your location you will be able to order the card during the application process or from your online account once the application process is completed.

To order a card from your online account, select Settings → Card Management, click Order a card, and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, click the “Order Card” menu item located at the top right of your screen, and follow the instructions.

Please note: If you cannot see the “Order Card” button, then click this.

Things to Remember for Payoneer Account and getting MasterCard:

  • When adding your address make sure you add the correct postal code as when you receive the card it will be sent to the post office of your postal code. For eg: For Kathmandu, the postal code will be 44600. The best way to get the MasterCard directly is to create a PO Box then you can add that detail while ordering the Mastercard.
  • After getting your MasterCard don’t forget to activate your card. Enter the details that you got in the mail like your Card Number and PIN.

How to Get Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal 1

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

  • Depending on your location to be eligible to order a card you will need to add some balance to your account first. Usually, the amount is 30-100$.
  • Please note that payments received via the Make a Payment service (from other Payoneer users), or from an eWallet (like Paypal, Stripe, Skrill) will not count towards the minimum.

How to withdraw money from Payoneer to Bank Account

After you collect money in your Payoneer account you can directly withdraw the amount to your Nepali Bank Account.

First, you have to add your bank details on the Withdraw->To Bank Account Option.

How to Get Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal 2

How to Get Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal 3

How to deposit money in Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

There are two ways to deposit money in Payoneer Mastercard from Nepal: They are mentioned below as:

Using the receive, a payment option

In your Payoneer account, you can choose the Request, a Payment option that helps you send a payment request to the sender.

How to deposit money in Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

How to Get Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal 4

After making the payment request the sender will receive a payment request like this.

How to deposit money in Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Using any other payment option

You can use your Payoneer account as an option to receive money for sites like Freelancer or Fiverr so every income you generate from those sites will be directly deposited in your Payoneer account.


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