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Diamonds in Mobile Legends: How to get them for free?

Free diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang: 2021

Diamonds in Mobile Legends are the currency used in the game.

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang: there are many such cool heroes and skins that are just attractive. I’d personally say, a unique hero or skin adds more enthusiasm and encouragement to gameplay. And sometimes maybe they make the other players envious that you own that specific hero/skin and they don’t. Just posing! MLBB allows you to buy certain heroes and skins with your in-battle points or hero fragments. But the special skins and heroes can only be bought using diamonds.

With the diamonds, you can achieve the other cooler heroes/skins that you might be interested in. But to obtain a diamond in Mobile Legends Bang Bang, you’ll need to spend some dime from your own pocket. And we don’t want that. Wouldn’t it be so great if we could achieve the diamonds for free!! Indeed. And are you wondering about any possible ways to earn free diamonds in mobile legend? Here are mentioned the best legit and possible ways to get the diamonds for free. Check them out:

Ways to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends:

Diamonds in Mobile Legends are very valuable and to get them for free, the ways might not turn out that simple. But if you are in dire need of them, that also without touching your wallet, you can try out these ways:

free diamonds in mobile legends

1. Stream your Gameplay

Have you ever watched the live stream of the MLBB gameplay by any streamer? If so, you might also have noticed that they are gifted a lot of items by the audience. The gift is the means to the best possible option to earn free diamonds. Many popular streamers vault is loaded with free diamonds gifted by the audiences. Thus while live streaming, if the audience like your stream, you have a chance to earn the free diamond. You can get the following gifts with their diamond value.

  • Flower= 2 Diamonds
  • Jewelery= 6 Diamonds
  • Roadster= 250 Diamonds
  • Yatch= 1000 Diamonds
  • Airplane= 5000 Diamonds

2. Part-take in Tournaments

Taking part in competitions have always been beneficial be it in MLBB or anywhere else. They will either reward you or you’ll evolve with better performance experiences in future. In Mobile Legends too, the tournaments are very competitive. If you’re confident enough about the competitions, you can be a part of them. In case you won, you’ll be rewarded with diamonds and even real money. Winning a tournament can reward you with almost 50,000 diamonds.

3. Contribute to the Community

Moontoon really values the contributors of the community. Thus, you can be a moderator and lead ceratin discussions in the game. Doing so, Moontoon will reward you with free diamonds.

4. Giveaway Events

The professional and popular players are in need of growing their community and you are in need of gameplay tricks. Thus, you follow them. And sometimes these players conduct giveaway events to gain more followers for themselves. You can part-take in such events to gain rewards that the giveaway conductor provides. It can be either diamonds or other items for the game or something bigger. It’s a blind “bait thrown and caught the fish” idea. If you’re lucky enough, you could be the winner of the giveaway event and get a big reward. So what’s goes in trying, right?

5. The Lucky Spin

The lucky spin doesn’t offer you diamonds. It is an alternative to getting rare skins and lucky gem fragments which can be used to obtain skin or hero from the lucky shop. You can participate in Lucky spin by going to the draw section of the shop. Try your luck!

And those are some of the best and legit ways you can use to earn diamonds in MLBB. Do you know any other ways to achieve free diamonds in Mobile Legends? If you do, share through the comments. Let’s all benefit!

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