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How to get Chinese TikTok on Android

Here are the easy steps:

Do you how TikTok came into existence? In April of 2018, the Chinese Company ByteDance brought the priorly famous video creating and sharing app named “”. It was only launched in China as a “Douyin Tiktok” (Chinese TikTok) but after merging with “” it became available worldwide.

Let me explain further about TikTok.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a platform of video-sharing social networking service which is designed to capture and present people’s moments and creativity. tiktok

TikTok gains users of all the generations and almost from all around the world. But the concerns of news such as decreased ratings of TikTok on the app store, banning in some countries like India and the USA, creates uncertainty. So if you heard this news, you probably might be thinking, should I switch to the Chinese TikTok instead of the Global one??

What is the difference between Global Tiktok and Douyin?

They are similar in the user interface but global TikTok lacks the “wallet” function available in Douyin. The “Wallet” function lets users buy items and make transactions using a QR Code.


Since we learned in brief about the Global and Chinese version of TikTok, aren’t you willing to try out the Chinese version? Are you wondering, how to get Chinese TikTok on android device? The steps are easy-peasy:

How to get Chinese TikTok on Android?

Here’s how to download Chinese TikTok on android:

Step 1: Go to the Web browser of your android device and browse for “APK mirror”.


You can also directly access it with this link “Douyin”.

Step 2: Open the link and click on the search button.


Step 3: Search for “Douyin”, which is the Chinese name of the Tiktok.


Step 4: Next you need to choose a version you want to download. You can download from the latest to the older versions of Douyin.

Step 5: Scroll down and find the description. Then select the “see available options.”


Step 6: You’ll encounter the following page further. Click right there.


Step 7: After clicking APK Variant, you will go to another page with the “Download APK” button. Click the download button. Go to download the folder and install the app.

Note: Make sure to allow permission for download from an unknown source.


Step 8: After installing, the app is right on your screen. Open it and enjoy it.?

And that’s it. You are all set with your new Douyin app.✨ These are simple and easy steps to get Chinese TikTok. Enjoy!!

Ok, If you tried these easy steps, let me know in the comments.?

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