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How to Export Your Facebook Data to Google Docs

All users across globe have access to this feature. Also, find how to "Export Your Facebook Posts."

Facebook announced on Monday that it’s expanding a tool that allows users to transfer their data to other services. Users across the globe have the option to archive their posts and notes created on the social media site. They can transfer a copy of that data onto Google Docs, WordPress, or Blogger. This new export feature is the expanding of a similar tool the company released last year: that allows you to transfer photos from its platform onto Google Photos.

The new feature is part of the Data Transfer Project. It’s a cross-company data-sharing initiative that launched in 2018. The goal of the initiative is to allow you to move data across various online services and platforms seamlessly. Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter are also involved in the project, offering similar data-export tools.

Data Transfer Project

When users transfer their posts and notes through the new feature, those transfers will not include comments from Facebook friends or posts that friends left on a users’ page. This is meant to “help advance conversations” with governments, developers and others about the concept of data portability. Facebook wants clarity and hopes to get ahead of legislation and regulations that might require data access.

How to Export Your Facebook Posts?

In case you’re willing to export your Facebook posts for any reasons, this is how you can do it.

  1. Initially, visit your Facebook settings page.
  2. There, find Your Facebook Information under Privacy.
  3. You’ll find an option to Transfer a copy of your Information. Choose to view it. Continue by entering your password.
    Note: “Transfering your information simply is copying them somewhere and not moving or deleting your posts.”
  4. The next you’ll encounter is choosing whether you want to transfer photos, videos, posts or notes. You’ll even have the option to choose whether you want to export all the post or certain post only.
  5. Finally, select your required destination of export. Then click next.
  6. when signed in to the destination, confirm your transfer. It might take a while and you’re done exporting your Facebook posts to the selected destination.
  7. You’ll receive a notification when the transfer is completed.

Export Your Facebook Posts

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