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How to create short YouTube Videos using mobile?

Here are the steps!

We all have faced the times when a YouTube video starts getting boring with its big length. An alternative brought by YouTube recently to solve this situation is an option for short YouTube Videos. Short YouTube Videos are popular these days on YouTube because in a short time users can get the content they are seeking. And it’s swift and sweet. Since these Short videos sound interesting, are you also wondering “How to create short YouTube Videos?” That also, using mobile?

How to create short YouTube Videos using mobile?

How to create short YouTube Videos

YouTube having this new feature for making a short video even using your phone is just so useful and helpful together. Now, here are the steps for creating short YouTube videos using your mobile. Create and Upload your Short videos anytime you wish to.

  1. Firstly, go to your youtube studio.
  2. And from the menu bar, choose the option for customization.
  3. There on the featured sections column, you’ll get an option for adding a section.
  4. Click here and get a drop-down for further steps. Did you spot the option for short videos?
  5. Create your short video and publish it.
  6. These videos will appear as short videos on your YouTube Channel.

For more clear instructions, follow the video.

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