Google Translate’s real time transcription for Android

Google Translation's new update feature

Google had planned to add its real time transcription feature to Android users at some point in future. Most of the users might have been really looking forward to this new feature and now the wait is finally over. It’s a part of the update for the Artificial-intelligence powered mobile app. The feature is an allowance for recording the audio in one language and rendering it into the other available language that the user prefers. And what’s more cool is that it can be done in real time.

The feature got introduced to users since Tuesday and gradually by the end of the week it’s to be available to all the users at whole. The starting languages are English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai. One can record the sentences in these languages and translate it into any other available desired language. This feature works with an internet connection, as Google’s software has to communicate with its Tensor Processing Units (TPUs), a custom type of AI-focused processing chip for use in cloud servers, to perform the transcription live. “This feature can also work by combining the existing Live Transcribe feature built into the Recorder app on Pixel phones, which normally works offline, with the power of its TPUs in the cloud, thereby creating real-time translated transcription—so long as you have that internet connection to facilitate the link.”, as told by one of the spokesperson of Google.

The new transcription feature will be available to Android only at launch, but the Google company has plans to bring it to iOS as well at some point in the future. Before this new feature on google translation, there was a Google Translate’s voice option for turning a spoken word, phrase, or sentence from one language into another, including in both text and verbal form. But still it wasn’t so convenient when a longer phrase, sentence or lecture had to be translated.

This feature will work live for speeches, lectures, and other spoken word events and from pre-recorded audio, too which means just by holding the phone up to computer speakers and playing a recording in one language, it can easily be translated into text in another available preferred language without having to input the words manually. After the update of the app, the “transcribe” option should be shown on it’s own.Google also says, “you’ll be able to pause or restart the transcription by tapping the mic icon as well as change the text size and customize dark theme options in the Translate settings menu.”

This convenient gesture of google is really appreciable as this feature is going to overwhelm the users of google in reference to their translation experience. As this feature just have launched, the review and response from the users is yet to be received.

Did you experience this new update of the Google? What’s your reaction to it? Please share your experience in the comment box below.


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