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Google new best ear bud- Google Pixel Buds 2

True Wireless Earbud

Google’s new true wireless earbuds stack up well against the competition, with a comfortable fit and strong performance.

The Google Pixel Buds 2, simply called Pixel Buds, has been unveiled. The wireless earbuds with its refreshed specs are available to purchase as of April 27. With improved audio hardware, fast pairing, adaptive sound listening, the Pixel Buds 2 are shaping up to be a seductive set of headphones.

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The Pixel Buds 2 sit flush inside your ears, creating a low profile look that you won’t find in rivaling stemmed wireless buds. The design is based on scans of 1000s of ears and the wireless earbuds are small and circular in shape with a stabilizing fin that Google calls the ‘arc’. It has an adaptive sound, allowing the volume to dynamically adjust itself depending on the listener’s environment. The new Pixel Buds have IPX4 sweat and water resistance. It offers the ability to translate foreign languages on the go, although it appears to be Google Assistant on the mobile device that does the grunt work. Pixel Buds 2 stay connected from three rooms away and can stay connected across the length of an entire football field.


The US price is $179, which works out to £140. When the original Pixel Buds eventually went on sale, they were priced at £159.

Battery life

Pixel Buds 2 offers 5 hours of listening time and an additional 24 hours with the companion charging case. A quick 10-minute charge in the case gives you 2 hours of listening time, while an hour will give you a full charge. It’s been confirmed that the Pixel Buds 2 charging case is Qi certified so they can be used with wireless charging mats.

pixel bud 2

Sound Quality

The Pixel Buds 2 feature custom-designed 12mm dynamic drivers which Google says they’ll assist in producing high-quality audio. There are two mics in each earbud for clearer call quality, as well as integrating a voice accelerometer that detects speech through your jawbones and adjusts the audio quality.

pixel bud 2

 Are the Buds 2 ready to challenge the practically perfect AirPods Pro? What do you think about it?? Write down in the comment box.


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