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Crazy Time Warp Scan filter Using TikTok Filter

Recently TikTok has tremendously viral filter feature called Time Warp Scan.

Basically, this filter distorts images like a panorama effect. If you use this effect, it will create a blue line that goes from top to bottom and capture video.

So people are creating lots of creativity by distorting faces, hands, eyebrows to create different crazy creations.


Using Time wrap Scan Filter, numerous crazy, fun, and comedic videos have been created by TikTok users. You probably might have seen themand willing to try it by yourself too. There are two ways to get the time wrap filtyer on your tiktok. Here’s how you can get the filter:

  1. On your tiktok, and go to discover.
  2. There in the search bar, type “Time Wrap Scan”.
  3. Videos created usingthe filter will be displayed and there choose a video.
  4. Just above the username of the video, you’ll find the “Time Wrap filter” with an orange star.
  5. Click on it and create your own video.

The other way you can find the time wrap scan filter is by:

  1. Firstly, on your tiktok, press on the option to create a video.
  2. Now, click on the option of filter and discover a filter with a blue line passing the face.
  3. That’s the Time Wrap Scan filter. Set it to favourites and access it anytime you want to make a video.

How to get Time Wrap Scan Filter How to get Time Wrap Scan Filter How to get Time Wrap Scan Filter

Here are some crazy creativity out from Time Warp Scan on TikTok.

Demons and Angle illusion Using Time Warp Scan

Using the Time Wrap Scan filter, one creates an illusion of themselves as a demon or an angel.

How to create demons and angle illusion using time warp effects?

While the blue line gradually moves towards the bottom from the top, users can move their hands to make a devilish horn and face along with the line to create a demonish character on the screen.

For an angel, use hands along with the blue line to make an angelic halo above the head. You can also add wings by moving hands while the blue line is nearby the shoulder. Creating a demon and angle using the time wrap scan effect on TikTok might take you a few shots. But you’ll love the result later on.


#TimeWarpScan thought this one was pretty clean ? #WIP #pov #shopback

♬ Trend by at. reno.lugo – dj.awe02

Smoking illusion Using Time Warp Scan

A trend that creates an image of exaggerated smoking using the Time Wrap Scan Filter.

How to create a smoking illusion effect?

Be a part of this trend by just using an object (such as a pen), to trick the shifting blue line. Move the pen side by side as if it’s a smoky wave coming from your mouth along with the blue line. It’s might sound easy but we’ve witnessed the epic fails too. Keep calm and hop onto the smoking illusion trend with Time Wrap Scan Filter in TikTok.


#stitch with @you_taste_purple #TimeWarpScan THIS IS THEE LAST TIME IM TIRED OF TRYING! ??

♬ original sound – EHIZ

Mirror illusion Using Time Warp Scan

This is something I’ve loved trying with the panorama effect on the phone. And now on Tiktok, this popular Time Warp Scan trend sees users stand beside a mirror as the effect scans from left to right.

How to create a mirror illusion effect?

Standing in front of a mirror, firstly, the camera scans the real you and later the pose you strike on your reflection. Few tiktokers have made it seem like the one from horror movies at times.


i win ? #xycba #viral #fyp #mirror #mirrorchallenge #standingstill #PumpkinSeason

♬ Despicable Me (From “Despicable Me”) – Hot Contender

Giraffe illusion Using Time Warp Scan

The funniest of all. This trend with the Time Wrap Scan filter is crazy. How would a human-like giraffe or dinosaurs look-like? The users in TikTok are seen with a four-footed position at the beginning.

How to create a giraffe illusion effect?

As the scanner scans from the bottom to top of the screen, the user moves forward and stretches the neck making the result appear as a long-necked giraffe.


Reply to @rl_rptre going vegan ? #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen #vegan #PumpkinSeason #fyp #viral #xyzbca #standingstill #giraffe

♬ original sound – UrboiiCaleb16

That’s not all. There are other popular trends tried with the Time Wrap Scan Filter too.

  • The trend of the drunken face where the user makes a dead-eye and grinning mouth as the scan passes the eyes and mouth,
  • The creepy eye effect, where the time warp scan effect is used to make it appear as if his eyes are pointing in opposite directions by moving his eyes in different directions as the scanner passes,
  • The Tim Burton Character effect, in which the users make it appear as if you have large eyes and thin cheeks to look like Tim Burton Characters,
  • Also, the missing hand effect showing like the hand is missing and floating in the air.

And as Christmas is arriving near and nearer, the Christmas tree effect is even floating around the for you page and #timewrapscan effect pages. Here, users move their bodies side by side creating a Christmas tree as a final result. Fascinating and lovely as if they are highly looking forward to the upcoming festival.

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