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Best Websites to Watch Chinese Anime Online

Find and watch your favorite anime!!

If you watch anime, you probably have noticed Donghua too. As the name suggests, Chinese anime refers to animations created in China or are Chinese adaptations of Manhua (Chinese manga) and are often called Donghua. Chinese Animes have been steadily growing in recent years and it’s set to become the next big thing in animation. Chinese anime is not just popular in China but people around the world are also loving it.

The standard quality of the animations, well-woven storylines and more, are the traits of Chinese anime. And over time, they have earned their own unique identity. While viewers are absolutely addicted to these fantastic anime watches, their availability outside China is limited. Thus, here are mentioned best websites to watch Chinese anime online worldwide.

Ling Qi Chinese anime

Best Websites to Watch Chinese Anime Online

Watch Chinese Donghua Online


Tencent chinese anime online

Tencent Videos is one of the biggest media companies in China. Tencent Videos has a wide range of contents available. They include popular TV series, movies, variety shows, animation, sports events, and news. With the rise of Chinese web novels, many novels have been adapted into best donghua and released on Tencent Video. Due to copyright restrictions, People from outside China can enjoy anime on Tencent with a VPN connection. Tencent Video also has a youtube channel YouTube, and you can watch this Chinese anime with English sub for free on YouTube.

Among many anime’s the most popular and the best Chinese anime, donghua from Tencent includes The King’s Avatar, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Soul Land, and many more. And they are all available at Tencent Video.

Tencent website
Tencent Youtube


bilibili chinese anime watch online

Bilibili is another place where you can watch Chinese anime online. Bilibili is a rising streaming platform in China. In the early days, it was a video site for ACG (Animation, Comics, Games) content creation and sharing. They even have started producing their exclusive Chinese anime series which are worth watching.

Bilibili features real-time comments floating above the video, or danmu. Users can interact while watching the videos. This Chinese anime watching site does not require VPN. In 2020, they launched a new YouTube Channel “Bilibili donghua” where they upload their recent projects. As one of the largest video sharing platforms in China, you can find any best Chinese anime on this site.

Bilibili Website
Bilibili YouTube


Youku Logo

Youku is another giant streaming service provider from China. It also has a large number of original Chinese anime and imported Japanese and American anime. Youku is a digital entertainment platform in China and it has contents of dramas, variety shows, movies, animation, information, documentary, culture and finance, fashion life, music, and more.

On the website of Youku, you can enjoy the exclusive Chinese animations and on the Youku YouTube channel, you can enjoy these Chinese Animations for free.

Youku Website
Youku Youtube



iQIYI Logo

iQIYI is one of the greatest online video-streaming platforms and also one of the best websites to watch Chinese anime online. iQiyi Animation has an English version of the website:”, where you can watch these Chinese animations with English subtitles for free. The website enables you to filter the contents by category, subscription, popularity, and more to find the desired anime.

iQIYI also has an app where people can watch movies and drama series.

iQIYI Website
iQIYI app

iQIYI Chinese anime online watch



WeTV is an international video streaming site of Tencent Video. On WeTV, you can watch Chinese series, Korean series and Chinese anime, all with English subtitles. It provides a large collection of Chinese anime. And thus, it becomes suitable for you to find your favourite Chinese anime.

WeTV is even popular for having a streaming app which has made things more convenient. So far, its usage is quite limited but some really popular donghua can be watched there especially those shows from Tencent. Aside from animes, several live-action and drama series from Asia are also available there.

WeTV Website
WeTV YouTube
WeTV app

WeTV Chinese anime online watch



Gogoanime is a perfect website for you if you want to watch Chinese anime without any VPN services. Also, this website doesn’t bother you with any sort of subscription and VIP member thing.

Despite that, the site contains plenty of Chinese animations. The Chinese anime websites are usually created in Chinese. Those who don’t have an understanding of Chinese might find it bothersome. gogoanime even solves that problem for you.

gogoanime Website

gogoanime Chinese anime online watch

Other anime streaming sources like Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix also have Chinese anime in their gallery. They’re adding more and more contents every time. So, what’s your favourite source to watch Chinese Anime online? Let us know in the comment section. Also, not just Chinese anime but here are the 10 BEST WEBSITES TO WATCH ANIME.

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