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BEST Productivity Apps for 2020 !

We all want to get things done more quickly and increase our productivity. For this reason, there are a lot of management tools available in the internet market. This tool helps us to prioritize our schedules and works. But we need the best productivity apps which will effectively help us complete our goals.

Key Points

⚬ Productivity apps are a piece of software that makes your job easier.
⚬ Best Productivity apps are the top priority list app in the world.
⚬ Best Productivity apps help you to organize your life and keep you focused.


Notion is a wonderful note-taking app. From starting meetings to project completion or from grocery list to bullet journals, it is the best app for keeping everything in one place. Everything in it, is template-based files. You can create pages or lists with just tapping a template. Users can easily add different images and emojis on their contents.

best productivity apps

Here are some pros and cons to this application:


  1. It has shortcuts “/” to create a new block.
  2. It has multiple options to view your data.
  3. Its search results show the user-friendly breadcrumb trail.
  4. It also has a code syntax block.
  5. You can link to any page from anywhere.
  6. It works on any platform or device from iOS to android.


  1. It takes some time to setup.
  2. There are no note annotations like Evernote has
  3. It has no OCR(Optical Character Recognition) functionality as Evernote has


Notion has both free and paid versions but the free version is good enough.

You can give try with this link

The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases – Notion

You will get some credit instantly which will run a couple of months.


Todoist is an awesome beautifully designed todo app. It has more functionality than an ordinary todo app. It will automatically interpret and categorize the task based on your entries. You can track the entire team task too. You can assign a team and discuss project details.

It has a Keyboard shortcut feature which saves more time.

Best productivity apps todoist

Now, here are some pros and cons of this application


  1. Easy addition of labels or tags because of Keyboard shortcut availability.
  2. The task can be categorized at the point of entry with hashtags that make task entry on the go.
  3. You can import and export tasks with google calendar with its integration.


  1. It does not have a calendar view.
  2. For comments and custom labels, it requires a premium license which is very basic functionality.


The price of ToDoist Premium will be the equivalent of US $29 per year. The price of Todoist for Business will be the equivalent of US $29 per user per year or US $3 per user per month.


Trello is one of the best project management app. It has board UI(User Interface) which consists of lists of lists and cards. You can invite multiple people on your team and discuss them with comments as a team.

Best productivity apps trello

Now, here are some pros and cons to this application:


  1. There is no complex connections and dependencies between tasks
  2. Integration of other platforms like slack, jibble, etc
  3. Search is incredibly fast and powerful, with filtering and sorting.
  4. It works on any platform or device from iOS to android.


  1. With hundreds of tasks, it won’t be easy to visualize using boards.
  2. It isn’t scalable to larger and more complex projects.


The basic version is free, but they do have a premium price plan at $9.99 per user per month.


best productivity apps

Lucidchart’s features improve your productivity by offering high-quality visual creation with simple keyboard shortcuts or a quick click of the mouse.

To use the tool, simply create a custom document or choose from multiple templates to get you started. Then start making your visuals easily with hundreds of shapes, colors, and the option to add layers.

But Lucidchart is more than just a personal productivity tool. It can also be used to keep your entire team on track. Collaborate within the software by simply tagging team members. The seamless communication allows for work to get done faster.

Lucidchart is free for basic functionality, $7.95 a month for individuals, and $9 a month (per user) for a team account with premium features. You can also contact Lucidchart for an Enterprise-level quote.


best productivity apps

Looking to save more time, be more productive, and achieve better focus? Look no further than Calendar, the smart tool that you need to add to your stack.

This artificial intelligence-led productivity app is always learning for you and will save you time and effort as you plan out your day, week, month, and even year. The best part? The more you use it, the more valuable it becomes.

With Calendar, you can allow anyone to choose a time and book a meeting with you, directly inside the app. And you’ll never have to worry about overbookings, as Calendar will automatically protect you from any meetings being scheduled at the same time.

Calendar, featured in CNN, Inc, Forbes, and Entrepreneur, will also let you dive deep into the analytics of your calendar to discover ways to maximize your productivity and save more time.

It’s easy to get started, just go straight to and follow the signup prompts. You can get started for FREE or get access to more features via a monthly subscription plan.


BEST Productivity Apps for 2020 ! 1

You’ve heard of Slack. The unicorn company, currently valued at over 20 billion dollars, is one of the fastest-growing of all time. Major corporations like Target, Oracle, and Airbnb use the app on a regular basis because it’s an incredible productivity booster.

Slack is a really useful communication system which is also an app so you can easily use it from any device either on a browser or you mobile phone.

With Slack, all of your office communications are neatly organized and searchable. Different channels can be created for different projects, departments, and clients; and team members can jump in and out of conversations as needed. Meaning they won’t get notifications about conversations they’re no longer involved in.

But Slack is more than just an email alternative. You can also share documents, video chat, and send GIFs inside the application. To really boost productivity, integrate your other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce, and CloudApp. Plans range from $0 to $12.50 a month, per user.


best productivity apps

Toggl is the simple, intuitive time tracker that you and your team will actually use. It isn’t limited by device and works on your computer, tablet, and phone; so no matter where or what you’re working on, your hours are being tracked. Oh, and you’ll never forget to turn this productivity app on because it sends you friendly reminders to do so.

When you’ve completed a task, take a look at the detailed report. Toggl crunches the numbers and shows you how your time was spent. You just have to analyze its findings and adjust the way you work in the future to be more productive.

If you’re a freelancer, a tool like this is mandatory. How else will you accurately bill clients? But even those who are employed on a salary basis will find Toggl useful. After all, to become more productive, it helps to first know how you’re really spending your time.

Toggl is free to use, though premium features start at $9 a month per user.

Final Word

Is there a real tool that will increase your productivity by 100%?

For me, there is no straight answer but I can say, productive can achieved only if you enjoyed doing a task rather than projecting a negative sentiment on the task which is known as burnout. So don’t get burnout.

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