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BEST Manga App for Android 2023

Best Manga Apps Android- Otaku

Heard of the term “Manga”? It simply refers to Japanese Comics. Though manga has been around in Japanese culture for a long time, recently it has been liked and followed by others countries. So it hasn’t proliferated quite yet. However, your mobile device can be a great place to find some. Without further ado, here are some of the best manga apps for Android users.

Crunchyroll Manga

One of the Best Manga App for Android is the Crunchyroll Manga app. It provides unlimited access to a variety of the hottest manga emerging from Japan. 

It lets you quickly access the hottest manga books as soon as they are rolled out in the newsstands in Japan.

But Crunchyroll Manga’s freemium model is quite basic. Therefore, you will need to get a premium membership, if you wish to get the entire series catalog or have unlimited reading access.

Download: Crunchyroll Manga

VIZ manga – Direct from Japan

Recently VIZ manga is emerging as a top manga app for both android and iOS apps. It is because it offers the biggest hit manga like One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, etc. You can download the app from the link below:

Download: VIZ Manga

Manga Bird

Manga Bird is an excellent manga reader app. It has more than 10000 free mangas in
multiple languages. With a beautiful and simple interface, it will help you to enjoy your favourite manga anytime, anywhere.

Manga bird

Manga Bird allows users to read all this content both online and offline.


  • Automatic checking of updated chapters
  • Reading and download history
  • Built-in search tool: manual search, by tag clouds, by author…
  • Several types of content sorting
  • Supports bookmark management

Download: Manga Bird

MangaToon – Good comics, Great stories

Price: Free

MangaToon is another colorful manga app where you could get Wild West sort of vibe. It has variety of content from large creators. Just like most of its counterparts, it also adds the hottest webcomics daily. And based on your taste, you can make a nice collection of your favorite books and even download the ones which you want to read without any interruption.


  • Hottest comics updated daily.
  • Free Comics Release every week.
  • Download your favorite comics and read them offline.
  • You can read comics in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese now.
  • Write your own stories in manga toon and share them with millions of readers.

Download: MangaToon

Manga Geek – Free Manga Reader App

Price: Free

Manga Geek is a free app for reading manga and manhua online. It simply aggregates links from the Internet in a convenient, user-friendly interface.


  • Discover all week Manga in different languages
  • More than 40000 free manga and comics
  • Multiple manga sources
  • Auto-update when new chapters are available
  • Amazing Anime Live wallpapers

Download: Manga Geek

Toomics – Read Comics, Webtoons, Manga

Price: Free

Toomics is the top premium subscription webtoon service with every genre and fantasy imaginable! You won’t be able to find this new addiction anywhere else. Sign up for a Toomics account and discover your new favorite stories!

Download: Toomics

Manga Water

Price: Free

Manga Water has 20000++ manga that you can read, and all are FREE.

Download: Manga Water

My Manga

Price: Free

My Manga is a fairly basic, but functional manga app. It has a lot of the usual features as most, including a library of free manga to read, a functional and decent reader, and some extra options. You can browse manga by category so you only see stuff you might like.

In addition, you can get your favorite manga for easy recall later in the favorites section. That’s it. The app keeps out of the way while you read and it gets consistent updates to fix bugs and other ongoing issues. Even advertising is agreeable. This one is surprisingly decent.


  • All manga are free to read.
  • Access to the world’s biggest manga library
  • Regular updates whenever new manga or new chapters are released.
  • Users can now download their favorite manga for offline reading and NO ADS.

Download: My Manga

Manga World – Best Manga App

Price: Free


  • Simple interface, easy to use
  • Download unlimited manga
  • Sync favorite list, download, read recently with your email
  • Supports 14 languages
  • Simply aggregates links in a convenient, user-friendly interface.

Download: Manga World


Price: Free

MANGA Plus by SHUEISHA is the official manga reader from Shueisha Inc., and is globally available.
It publishes the greatest manga in the world. You can read the latest chapters of the best manga for FREE, DAILY, and SIMULTANEOUSLY with its release in Japan!!

Download MANGA Plus now and get started!

Download: Manga Plus

Manga Searcher – Manga Reader

Price: Free

Read Manga on your android phone without any limit.

Download: Manga Searcher

Manga Reader

The Ultimate Manga App for Android phone and tablet users. You can read and download thousands of manga for FREE WITHOUT ANY LIMIT!


  • Biggest manga library
  • Easy discovery
  • Fast download
  • Crop or save your manga pages easily
  • Add your manga into favorites, it’ll check manga updates every 2 hours

Download: Manga Reader

ComicRack Free


ComicRack for Android is the companion for the best eComic Reader. ComicRack also includes a highly configurable app widget that allows you to glimpse into your library and start reading immediately if you see something you like. ComicRack includes a Live Wallpaper that shows random covers from your library. You can even start reading by double tapping the background.

Download: ComicRack

Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

The Shonen Jump app is your official and trusted source to read the world’s most popular manga and comics straight from Japan.

Download: Shonen Jump Manga & Comics

Manga UP! free reader

Manga UP! free Reader is the free manga reader you were looking for, all manga in one app. All chapters are immediately available, never add wait for us to add them manually. Create your own manga list with all your favourite manga and see when new chapters are released. It’s the best manga reader app.

Download: Manga UP 


Webtoons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea. While webtoons were mostly unknown outside of the country during their inception, there has been a surge in popularity internationally thanks in great part to most manhwa being read on smartphones.

Download: Webtoon

Choose: The Best Manga App Android

There you go! So, these are the top manga apps lined up for you. With a variety of apps at hand, I guess your eyes have caught the right manga reader. But before you start flipping over the pages or exploring the massive library of Japanese comics, be sure to let us know the app that has found a place on your device. Also, do you know, most popular anime series are adaptations of the manga!!

Besides, also tell us about the worthy applications that might be missing from the roundup.

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