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20 Cool Google Search Tricks You Must Try | Cool Google Tricks

Google tricks you must try

Don’t you agree Google is an extremely delightful place? Indeed you get a lot of information here, from the most basic things to your most complex query. Google has the answer to all. Plus, have you noticed that Google is also a fun space!! Yes, there are a lot of Cool Google Tricks that’ll amaze you, which you might never have thought of, especially with Google.

Cool Google Tricks

With these search tricks, your search experience is going to be great. So, what might be these “Cool Google Tricks“? Let’s find them out.

The Wizard of OZ

Talking about wizard of oz google trick, it’s like magic on Google. Search “the wizard of oz” and click on the red shoes you see. There’s it!! The magic!!

cool google search tricks

Google Guitar

Are you a music lover? Then you might love this stuff on Google. But you’ll require Firefox or IE (Internet Explorer) to hear the music play.

On your search space type “Google Guitar” or “google guitar i’m feeling lucky“, You will get a link on the first result. Have fun playing music of your own.

cool google search tricks


Heard of mirror world right? You could say, this is also one. On your google search space, type “elgoog” and click on I’m feeling lucky. A mirrored homepage will appear to you. Also along with the new search, you will also find other Cool Google Search Tricks that you can do below the search bar like play the dinosaur game or Pacman.

cool google search tricks

Epic Google

How would magnified google look? By magnified, I mean largely magnified. Search “epic google” and click on I’m feeling lucky. Next, you’ll see is absolutely what you came for. The Google homepage will start growing slowly and wait for it to acquire your entire screen.

cool google search tricks

Google sphere

Our PC screen is rectangular and which is why we probably never really thought how spherical google would seem. Search “google sphere” and click on I’m feeling lucky. Thus, enjoy the spherical animation of google on the homepage. Also, you can hover the mouse around the sphere to move it.

cool google search tricks

Google converter

Google can convert any value of weight, height, or money, and so on into your required unit upon searching for it. Also, Google translates the numbers into words for you. Next time if you’re in confusion on such topics, google’s all ready for you.

cool google search tricks

Sunrise and sunset

Google can tell you the sunrise and sunset time upon searching for “sunrise time” and “sunset time.” Also, the super-working google is quick in finding your local time and also your IP address. Just search for “local time” and “what is my IP” respectively.


Need to check your work speed? Google will do that as well for you. Search for “stopwatch” and there you’ll get a stopwatch just by google.

cool google search tricks

Do a barrel roll

You could find no other mate like google who is so obedient. just type “do a barrel roll” and google will do it for you. But then I can’t assure you if you’ll get dizzy or not.

cool google search tricks

Flip a coin

Suppose, you and your friend are betting on something are about to decide it with and coin toss. Oops! no coin? Don’t worry! Google is there for you again. Search for “flip a coin” and just decide over the toss.

cool google search tricks

Roll a dice

Need more options than a coin can provide? Roll a die instead!

Cool Google search tricks

Google Gravity

Wondering if you can surf google in space where there’s no gravity? Leave that to the researchers to find and you try searching “Google gravity” and click on to I’m feeling lucky. Enjoy the dis balanced google.

cool google search tricks

Zerg Rush

Searching “Zerg Rush” and clicking on to I’m feeling lucky will make small orange and red circles appear on your screen. They are going to wipe out everything from your web page. This is a pretty neat and Cool Google Search Tricks you can try once.

cool google search tricks


Google is really straight. Shows you result on whatever you want to find out. But the searching “askew” and pressing I’m feeling lucky might be different this time. Google isn’t straight but tilted!!

cool google search tricks

Atari Breakout

Isn’t Google a real fun space? Searching “Atari breakout” will allow you to play the game in your web.

cool google search tricks

Google Pond

You explored the google sphere and google gravity. But now, how about “google pond?” Search as “google pond” or “google pond i’m feeling lucky” and you will find your google interface convert into a pond with numerous fishes. Alas! you can’t do fishing there.

cool google search tricks

Google Sky

Google is famous all throughout the universe. Search “google sky” and now you can explore the space.

cool google search tricks

Pac Man and Tic Tac Toe

These are favorite over Google. Just by searching for “Pac Man” and “Tic Tac Toe” respectively, you can enjoy the following games. You might love it too.


If you are a fan of the series, try finding “Ross Friends” or “joey Friends” and after your search press on the icon you find on your right side. See the magic!! Try it out with the names of each character from friends.

Google’s calculated answer

Had you also wished someday that you knew the answer to anything in life? Google too thought the same and has found out its answer. Search “the answer to life, the universe, and everything” and you’ll the all calculated value by google.

cool google search tricksBonus

Cha Cha Slide

DJ Casper teaches you to dance on his song “Cha Cha slide” on Google. And it’s so fun!! Search “Cha Cha Slide” and find the result. There, tap on the twinkling mic icon, and keep tapping every next icon until the song ends. Have fun!!

cool google search tricks

Blink HTML google trick

All you need to do is search for [blink html] to activate it. When you search for [blink html] you will see the words “blink” and “HTML” blink in and out of the search results page on Google.

blink html google trick


Hence, these are a few of the Google tricks you must try. If you know some more, let us know in the comment section. Also, share your experience with these Cool Google Tricks with us.

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