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15 BEST News App for Android 2021 !

Smartphones have become the hubs of information aggregation. The advanced technology of smartphones has eliminated the use of TV and offered many ways to stay updated with various news sources. News apps that assemble various contents from different news sources and displays in one section for your easy and comfortable access. If you are looking for a smart News App which will bring the latest and relevant news for you, this article is going to help you a lot.

In this article, find out 15 Best News App for Android to get the latest updates from around the world.

BBC News

Best News Apps for Android

BBC is the oldest and long-standing global news brand. The BBC News app is one of the best News App for Android. It is the best source for someone who is looking for news covering the whole world. On the side menu, the news is categorized by countries. Users can select a country to read the news specific to that country. It offers interesting ways to engage with news articles for users. Users can customize the ‘My News’ section by selecting their preferred countries. It only publishes news that is verified. It also comes with a live-streaming news channel that’s shown directly into the app.


15 BEST News App for Android 2021 ! 1

CNN is an American news-based pay television channel owned by CNN Worldwide. It was the first television channel to provide 24-hour news coverage. The CNN News app is one of the best News App for Android providing quick updates and live news. It offers a wide variety of articles, and though it has a focus on U.S. audiences. Video also plays a large part of the coverage on CNN, so fans of video news should find a lot.


Best News Apps for Android

Pocket is one of the more unique news apps. Pocket comes handy when there is a need to save an article for later. It doesn’t offer content. However, it will save whatever content users happen to stumble across during a day. Users can save any type of content including the latest news, articles, magazines, videos, web pages, and much more. It offers unlimited storage, a tag system to help stay organized, text-to-speech article reading, and additional features for PC.

AP News

Best News Apps for Android

AP mobile news is a great news app for users in today’s time. It will provide the breaking news immediately. It sources its news from itself along with hundreds of sources both local and nationwide. Users can find news on a variety of topics, including sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and more. The app is entirely free with ads. The ads are a bit annoying, but it’s nothing too serious.

The New York Times

Best News Apps for Android

The New York Times is the world’s most popular news source. It gives breaking news alerts, social sharing, offline reading for later, etc. The app has everything users need and ideally expect from smart news apps built to contemporary standards. Users can save articles offline and read later. It Includes podcasts where you can listen to the audio series. The most outstanding feature is the augmented reality that allows users to explore celebrated fashion wardrobes or meet Olympic athletes. However, getting full access to all its unique features and articles is chargeable.

Google News

Best News Apps for Android

It covers almost all news stories across the world, showing users their favorite and trusted publications from many sources. The Google News app is one of the best News App for Android which collects all news available on the internet. The app has a feature to set daily updates for the most important stories of the day. Users are allowed to save or download specific publications for read-it-later purposes. It also allows the user to read about events and stay informed about local news. The app looks visibly polished, sophisticated, and delivers a smooth experience to readers.


Best News Apps for Android

Reddit is a popular app that provides updated global news to its users. Get the breaking news, memes, viral video clips, and enjoy the community group. Users can subscribe to subreddits that let you see various interests. Reddit keeps an eye on all the global events to make sure readers get what they need. Users can explore Reddit content without browsing their official website. Users can upvote and share comments on trending, popular news stories.

Microsoft News

Best News Apps for Android

Microsoft News offers a lightweight and easy-to-use way to quickly get the news users to need. It delivers breaking news and trusted, in-depth reporting from the world’s best journalists. With the released new version of curated designs, the app has come a long way with important, interesting, and trending news from all over the world. Under the settings tab, users have the option to choose from different countries’ news edition. Users can scroll between topics at the top of the screen as well as switching to purely local news from near you.


Best News Apps for Android

Feedly is an exciting Android news aggregator app that has several discovery features and offers essential tools to the user. It covers a large number of news fields. The Feedly Android app is super-fast in updating content. Users have the option to tag or use the save for later option. Users can get keyboard shortcuts, multiple layout options, tagging, etc. Users will get the filter option so that they can deny unwanted topics and hide it.

News Break

Best News Apps for Android

News Break is one of the most popular news apps for Android on the Play Store. This news app keeps users informed and focused on their interests. From daily breaking news to local headlines, weather, global events, trending videos, funny GIFs users get it all here. News Break’s simple interface makes it easy to share content on social media platforms. Users get to personalize their own news feed according to personal interests.


Best News Apps for Android

Flipboard is a fascinating news app. Flipboard has visually brilliant qualities that work best for users that expect the aesthetic presentation of news stories. It is a popular news aggregator app that is highly customizable and has one of the best UI experiences. It has the interface that displays different types of new content including videos, articles, sliders as well as social media account information from Twitter and Instagram. It is simple to use, users just select the interesting topics in and it will deliver the content based on that.


Best News Apps for Android

News360 is another popular news delivery app for Android users. The app looks great, it’s very straightforward, and offers rich content. It allows users to search for your favorite topics or specific news sites. It also allows users to save stories, so they can read them later. Not only does it offer integration with iMessage, but it also has an Apple Watch app for iOS users. Users can connect the app to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to share the news, and it supports Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote integration.

Pulse by Enterprise Holdings

Best News Apps for Android

Almost similar to Flipboard, Pulse is the app that aggregates content from a huge variety of news sources. Users can choose their favorite list of topics to view stories of their personal preferences. Pulse has in place a lot of valuable information that users can read and digest enjoying its sleek, elegant design. It includes features like push notifications, location, access to the camera, photo library, etc. Users also get to know the latest news happening in different industries.

BuzzFeed News

Best News Apps for Android

BuzzFeed started by offering the world sensational stories that mainly included listicles and fun bits. After piquing great interest worldwide, it expanded its services and brought in place serious good-quality journalism pieces. Its menu also contains quizzes, trending stories and allows you to browse news using the advanced search. Users can view their consolidated structure and customize the articles based on their personal tastes and interests.


Best News Apps for Android

The TopBuzz app offers its users exactly what they want without wasting time. The Apps delivers users the most relevant and trending contents including videos, GIFs, articles, and all things viral. Users get more local news coverage.

You can save money and time on newspapers and television using any one of these Best news app for android. All of these are free and available in Google Play Store.

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